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Peyton Heitz - Top Dancer - Official Thread

Discussion in 'Everyone's Replaceable!' started by Star Power, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Star Power

    Star Power DMHQ Member Member

    United States
    Peyton Heitz is an American, student, dancer. Not so famous Dancer as Dance Moms Team, though this girl can really Dance. I think others that do not know Peyton, should now know her here!
    At the moment Peyton Heitz participates in the school performing arts "Dance Precisions" and is an amazing Dancer. At 10-11 years of age, Peyton trains hard!

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  2. Hadley

    Hadley Premium User Premium

    United States
    im actually happy this Everyone's Replaceable forum was created now. because to see and hear about new dancers is great for us and them.

    i have never heard of Peyton Heitz till this very moment. i must look her up and see how good she really is. thanks for sharing @Star Power ;)
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